Oral Session Presentations

Speakers of the oral presentations are required to report to the session chair before the session starts. Furthermore, please kindly notify us if the speaker of the oral presentation is different to the one who registered and submitted summary paper,

Each oral presentation is limited to 15~20 minutes including 5 minute discussion time. The session chair will ring a bell once at 10 minutes after start, and twice at 18 minutes. It is important to stay on schedule so that people moving between sessions can hear the presentations interesting to them

The session room will be equipped with a laptop with an LCD projector. Presenters can use their own laptop or load their presentation materials from USB memory sticks before the beginning of the session.


Poster Put up & Take-down Time

Date Put-up Time Take-Down Time
November 10, 2016 [Thursday]08:00 - 10:3020:30
November 11 ,2016 [Friday]08:00 - 10:3016:00

The poster scale:90cm(width)*150cm(height).The poster has to be prepared by delegates themselves

We require that you take your poster down at the end of the session. You are responsible for your poster. Please kindly remove your poster promptly. All posters left after the above time on their assigned day, will be discarded and the area will be locked.