Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing. It is 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, center of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

The Beijing Capital International Airport is under the administrative control of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), officially opened on March 02nd 1958. With the development of civil aviation business and the increasing volume of passenger and cargo transportation, it was expanded in large scale. There are 3 Terminals (T1, T2 and T3).

Due to the excellent geographic location and service facilities at Beijing Capital International Airport, 66 domestic and foreign airline companies are participating in the operational business, including 11 domestic companies and 55 foreign companies. More than 5,000 scheduled flights are available to 88 cities in China and 69 cities abroad.



Airport Map for T1, T2 and T3

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Airline List of T1, T2 and T3

Terminal 1 (T1)
Terminal 2 (T2)
Terminal 3 (T3)





Its very easy to hail a taxi anywhere in Beijing. Taxi is the preferred transportation choice for most foreigners, because they are inexpensive and plentiful. The taxi charges 10RMB for the first 3 kilometers and RMB1.2, RMB1.6 or RMB2 per kilo. The bridge and road tolls will be paid by passengers. For a journey that takes longer than 10 kilo or running after 23:00, the fares will be charged at 50% more. Ensure that the driver starts the meter. You can ask for a receipt which will have the number of the taxi printed on it. Have this handy in case of complaint. Most drivers can’t understand English, so write down your destination in Chinese beforehand.

Tips for taking a taxi

Please pay attention to the charge standards on the windows of the taxi, and the service supervision card of the taxi driver
Road toll and bridge toll will be afforded by passengers
Please ask the taxi driver for invoices and take down the car number if necessary
Please take a taxi with official certification at the airport. Don’t forget your belongings when getting off



Taxi Location in T1, T2 and T3

T1: Outside Gate 1 to 5 on F1
T2: Outside Gate 5 to 9 on F1
T3: Please refer to the signs inside the terminal building


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