Welcome Message

The XXV ISMS (International Symposium on Morphological Sciences) will be held in July 26-30, 2017 in Xi’an, China. On behalf of the Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences and the local organizing committee for the XXV ISMS, We would like to welcome morphological scientists all over the world to attend this congress. The symposium is hosted by the Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences and operated by The Fourth Military Medical University.

The symposium will be a grand meeting for international morphological community, in which, a large number of internationally renowned anatomy experts and morphology scholars will gather to present the latest progress and share the cutting-edge achievements made in morphological research. The theme of the XXV ISMS is Morphology: meeting point for molecule and function.

Xi’an, which was called Chang’an in ancient times, was the capital of thirteen empires over the history of 3000 years, such as Qin dynasty and Tang dynasty, etc. Now, as a city along the new Eurasia Land Bridge, it has become a unique link between East and West, past and present. You may enjoy her breathtaking beauty during the stay in August and the congress will provide you the chance to enjoy delicious food and visit historical sites, such as the world-famous Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, which is called the eighth wonder of the world.

We sincerely hope you to join this academic feast with us and it will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience in exploring opportunities in the field of morphology.

Welcome to Xi’an, Welcome to the XXV ISMS!

Dr. Shao-Xiang Zhang
President, The Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences (CSAS)

Dr. Yun-Qing Li
Chairman, Local Organizing Committee for the XXV ISMS