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Welcome to AHC 2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Second Asian Horticultural Congress will be opened in Chengdu, Sichuan of China during September 26 to 28, 2016. This time, it will be co-hosted by International Society for Horticultural Science, Chinese Society for Horticultural Science, Korean Society for Horticultural Science and Japanese Society for Horticultural Science, and co-organized by Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Science and Chengdu Academy of Agricultural Science. With the first Congress held in 2008 in Cheju, Korea, the Asian Horticultural Congress was initiated by societies for horticultural science from China, Japan and Korea.

Asia is endowed with plenty of important horticultural resources, and is the area of origin for many horticultural plants. Located across tropical, subtropical, temperate, and frigid zones, Asia has complicated climate, diversified ecosystems as well as profound farming culture. Therefore, on this land, many horticultural modes, models and technologies of production with considerate regional characteristics and cultural features are formed. And since the beginning of the 21th century, new developments of Asian horticultural science are continuously made both in basic research such as various omics, physiology and genetics and in the study of applied technologies promoting high yield, highly-efficient and sustainability of production, along with constant innovation in science and technology around the world, especially in biotechnology.

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Note on Invitation for Visa Application

To obtain an invitation for your visa application, please register and fill out all fields on your entry date, place of Chinese diplomatic mission and the passport data, with proper payment. After receiving your registration information, the secretariat will send you an official invitation letter with which you can apply for an entry visa.Please note that the letter of abstract acceptance is separate and not valid for this purpose.

Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan holding ordinary passports and staying in China for no more than 15 days do not need an entry visa. ... More details >>>