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Past Events in 1990s


MayOphthalmology/Vision China 99
June14th world Congress of IFAC
International Conference on Veterinary Poultry
AugustInternational Symposium on Broadcasting Technology
SeptemberInternational Medicine Chemistry Symposium
OctoberInternational Conference on Orient Foods
2nd Asia-Pacific International Congress of Anatomists
DecemberInternational Exhibition & Symposium on Ozone Friendly Technology & Products
6th Pacific Polymer Conference
2nd International Symposium on Hepatology


JulyInternational Conference on Pig Production
2nd US-China Conference on Education
August2nd International Conference on Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering
2nd International Exhibition on Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering
The 1st Global Chinese Ophthalmic Conference
SeptemberBeijing International Academic Conference on Science and Technology
OctoberInternational Conference on Medical Virology
The 2nd Pan Asia-Pacific Conference on Mental Health


JulyChina-U.S. Conference on Education
AugustInternational Symposium on Hepatology
International Symposium on Broadcasting Technology
SeptemberXIVth International Symposium on Morphological Sciences
7th International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics
International Convention on Quality Control Circles
OctoberInternational Conf. on Dental De formative Correction


AprilInternational Conference on Information Infrastructure
MayThe VII International Conference on Goats
JuneBiotech & Pharm China '96
The 6th International Energy Conference & Exposition
AugustThe 62nd Beijing IFLA General Conference 1996
XIII International Symposium On Ice
September2nd International Symposium on Impact Engineering
OctoberGreat Wall International Symposium in Interventional Cardiology
47th International Astronautical Federation Congress
International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
3rd International Nonfood Fiber Pulping
November96' International Symposium & Exhibition on Jewelries


MarchPost-Congress of Asia-Pacific Association of Ophthalmology
AprilInternational Symposium On IN 8C B-ISDN
MayThe 4th Congress of the Asia Pacific Association of Societies of Pathologists (APASP)
Dentech China '95
Beijing '95 International Conf. For Surface Science & Engineering
JuneXVIII Pacific Science Congress
International Conf. On Failure Analysis & Prevention
JulyBioTech & Pharm China '95
The 2nd International Ophthalmological Conference in China (IOCC)
International Conf. On Environment & Biometeorology
August4th International Conf. For Young Computer Scientists
The 4th World Congress on Women & NGO Forum on Women in Science, Technology and Education
50th Session of the International Statistical Institute
SeptemberChina-Italy Conference on Hypertension
OctoberU.S.-China Conference on Special Education
The 7th International Anti-Corruption Conference
3rd Beijing International. Symposium On Recent Advances urology
International Symposium On Broadcasting Technology
4th Asian Fisheries Forum
International Symposium on Public Understanding of Science and Technology


MayChina International Symposium on Dentistry and Den Tech '94 Exhibition
International Conference on Development and Interaction of Economy, Science and Technology, and Law
International Symposium on Chinese Market Economy
International Workshop for Promoting Cooperation in Fisheries Industry between China & Asian-Pacific Countries
AugustAsian-Pacific Symposium on Health Food, Nutrition Food and Gourmet Food with Health Food show
Preparatory Symposium on Women and Science and Technology for 1995 the 4th World Congress on Women and NGO Forum on Women
SeptemberSenior Training Course and International Symposium on Osteoporosis
The 7th International conference on Boundary and Interior Layers Computational and Asymptotic Methods
The 14th Earoph World Planning Congress & Building & Real Estate Investment Exhibition
Ministerial Conference on Space Applications for Development and Exhibition '94
International Symposium on Integrated Exploitation and Sustainable development in Red Soil Area
OctoberGreat Wall International Symposium on Interventional Cardiology
International Hospital Management Seminar and Senior Training Course in Beijing
Pan Asian-Pacific Conference on Mental Health and Technical Exhibition
International Conference on the Vienna Circle and Contemporary Science and Philosophy in Memory of Tschu Hung
The 3rd Asia-Pacific Congress of Medical Virology
International Symposium on Information Market and Its International Cooperation
China Satellite Cataract Research Meeting
NovemberThe 2nd International Exhibition and Business Talks on New Products and Technology of Small and Medium Enterprises
International Symposium & Exhibition on New Approaches in the Production of Food Stuff & Intermediate Products from Cereal Grains & Oil Seeds


AprilSatellite Seminar of Fourth International symposium on Osteoporosis and Consensus Development Conference
MaySeventh International Symposium on Wood and Pulping Chemistry
2nd Asian Congress on Quality and Reliability
JuneInternational Youth Medical Summer Camp
International Symposium on Pediatric Surgery
JulyThe 8th International Symposium on Wheat Genetics
AugustInternational Symposium on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
The 2nd International Conf. on Systems Science and Systems Engineering
International Conf. on Natural Science Museums and Environment
International Symposium on Social Security
SeptemberThe 16th International Symposium on Earth
International Symposium on Broadcasting Technology
International Symposium on Mortuary
International Symposium on Community Public Security
International Seminar on /Diagnostic Ultrasonics
International Symposium on Shrimp Cultural
International Symposium on Children¡¯s Nutrition
The 33rd International Apicultural Congress
OctoberInternational Symposium on Anesthesia
International Conference on Health Preservation & Rehabilitation
2nd International Urban Emergency Medicine Symposium
International Conference on Early Childhood Education
NovemberInternational Symposium on Quality Assurance Program in Hospital
International Conference on Sports Medicine
International Conference on Gastrointestinal and Gastrointestinal Motility
International Nursing Conference
3rd International Conf. For Youth Computer Scientists


MayThe First International Symposium on Osteoporosis & Consensus development workshop & Exhibition
International Congress on Improving Birth Quality & Child Upbringing
International Conference on High Temperature Superconductivity
JuneInternational Conference on Fluid Mechanics & Theoretical Physics
The 19th International Congress of Entomology & Exhibition
AugustThe 2nd International Symposium on Composite Materials & Structures
The 21st International Conference on The Physics of Semiconductors & Exhibition
Satellite Symposium of The 8th International Congress of Biorheology
IFAC/IFORS/IMACS Symposium on Large Scale Systems: Theory & Applications
The 9th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion ¡ª Storage of Solar Energy
The 2nd Asian-Africa Psychology Conference
The 7th IFAC Symposium on Automation in Mining£¬ Mineral & Metal Processing
SeptemberInternational Conference on Hospital Management
The 14th International Congress on Acoustics & Exhibition
The 16th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids
The 18th congress of International Council of Astronautical sciences
OctoberThe 13th International Codata Conference
the 2nd Beijing International Conference on System Simulation & Scientific Computing
International Congress on Quality & Reliability
International Symposium on Business Consultation
International Conference on Forage Processing
NovemberU.S.-China Conference on Education
The 6th Congress of the Federation of Asian & Oceanian Biochemists
DecemberSino-European Seminar on Science, Technology and Economic Development


April12th Asian-Pacific Conference of Labor Ministers
MayThe 65th International Conf. of International Association of Seed Crushers
JuneMinisterial Conf. of Developing Countries on Environment & Development
July2nd International Conf. For Young Computer Scientists
August7th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Corrosion & Protection
10th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference
SeptemberInternational Conf. & Exhibition on Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Processing
OctoberInternational Conf. on Computer & Communication


March29th Session of Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee
AprilInternational Symposium on Experiment and Education in Physics
13th International Cryogenic Engineering Conference
The International Conference on Structural Engineering and Computation
MayInternational Symposium on Cataract Research
JuneInternational Conference on Commun¡£ Tech. ¡¯89
the 15th General Meeting of International Mineralogical Association
AugustIGU Asian Pacific Regional Conference
International Conference on Opto-Electronics Science & Engineering
September1990 Meeting of International Association for Tunnel and Underground Works
4th International Conference on the Conservation and Management of Lakes
International Symposium on Neuroimmunology
4th International Conference on electrostatic Precipitation
3rd Chinese Aerosol Conference
Sino-American Joint Meeting on Internal Auditing
OctoberInternational conf. on Aluminum Alloy Standard
4th Asia-Pacific Congress of Nephrology
54th Meeting of International Electrotechnical Commission¡¯1990
The International Congress of Photographic Science
The 2nd International Exhibition on the Household Necessities and Recovery Facilities for the Disabled
8th International Conference on Modem Trends in Activation Analysis
NovemberInternational Symposium on Development & Management of Island and Harbor
1st Meeting of Association for cell Biology of Asian-Pacific Regions
The 2nd Multinational Urban Traffic Conference and Exhibition
International Exhibition on Fishery Processing and Integrated Utilization
International Symposium on Citrus
The 3rd U.S.-China Joint Session on Industry, Trade and Economic Development