Please submit your abstract directly to the conference management system at HERE for submission

Various session formats to allow the synthesis of current knowledge in land system science based on presentations of cutting-edge research, the identification of new challenges and the discussion of the implementation of these options in practice and policy.

Sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes each. To allow for a variation of session formats participants are invited to submit session proposals under one of the following formats listed below. Based on the selected session proposals a call for abstracts will be launched, with specific attention to young researchers.

Over 80+ sessions descriptions may be viewed by logging into the conference abstract submission system under the 'browse sessions' tab.

Abstracts submission deadline extended until April 12, 2016.
Please submit your abstract directly to the conference management system at HERE for submission


Research presentation session
* Five presentations on related topics of each 12 minutes + 3 minutes for Q&A
•Session proposers identify and confirm up to 3 presenters in the proposal; session organizers ensure that, when abstract submission is open, these presenters will submit their abstract. Abstracts are subject to review by the scientific committee of the conference, even when invited by session organizers.
•The 2 remaining slots will be allocated by the scientific committee based on submitted abstracts favouring early career research contributions in order to ensure mixed sessions.
•10 minutes of the session is reserved for a general introduction, synthesis or overall discussion led by the session chair.
Round-table discussion session
•Session starts with three to maximally five speed talks-speed talks of maximum five minutes and three slides each. The speed talks are followed by a round-table discussion
•Session proposers identify the presenters and roundtable participants as well as the discussion items in the session proposal
Short training session
•Session proposers provide a short training on a specific topic, e.g. a specific land change model, validation approach, remote sensing interpretation etc.
•Short training sessions can consist of 1.5 or 3 hour time slots.
Open format
•Ideas for innovative and original session formats are welcome. Rationale, format and expected number of participants need to be indicated and very clearly specified
•World cafe style sessions or short workshops that work towards a clearly outlined product may be proposed.
Poster Session
•Posters may be submitted under any one of the four conference themes.
•Poster session will be featured as a special event during the meeting.




Session selection will be based on five criteria:
1. Scientific quality
2. Relevance  for GLP community
3. Societal relevance
4. Matching of session proposal with the conference themes and expected interest of participants for attending the sessions (session proposals that target a specific region or project are not eligible)
5. Overall quality of the proposed session including chair, proposed speakers, and innovative format

During each of the seven parallel sessions a maximum of about 14 sessions will run in parallel, allowing an average of 60-70 participants per session.

IMPORTANT: To allow as many participants as possible to take active part in the conference only one oral presentation per participant is allowed (as presenting author). Participants are however allowed to provide an oral presentation while at the same time being part of a panel discussion or submitting a training session.

You can browse sessions and submit your abstract using the OSM2016 Conference Registration System by clicking on "Browse Sessions" and carefully review the submission instructions provided there.

Abstract Submission deadline extended until April 12, 2016



Deadline for abstract submission: April 12, 2016

Notification of acceptance of abstracts: April 30, 2016